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What is a Lock Rekey?
A Lock Rekey is the process that a Professional Locksmith goes through in order to change the key that currently operates your lock. Richmond Hill Locksmith performs lock rekeys.
Why Not Replace Your Locks in Richmond Hill?
Unless they are badly worn due to age, there is no need to replace your locks. We can re-key your locks for less than replacement
cost in Richmond Hill. Our locksmith can rekey most lock brands including Chubb, Dexter, Dorex, Faultless, Fruitless, Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Weslock, Yale, and others.

How long does it take Richmond Hill Locksmith to Rekey a Lock?
It takes our locksmith approximately 15 minutes to rekey a lock. That is the time required for our locksmith to remove the lock from your door, disassemble the lock cylinder to change the pins that currently operate it, cut the keys, reassemble the lock and replace it on your door.

In some instances extra time may be required if there is associated door hardware that the locksmith needs to remove in order to access the Lock Cylinder like a Panic Bar.

We Are All About Quality Service
Today, there are more and more NEW Companies trying to attract customers by offering lower prices. Richmond Hill Locksmith is one of the oldest Internet Established Locksmith Companies on the Web today. We do not attract customers with "Cheap Services" but we do attract clients with our high quality workmanship and reliability. Our main objective is to offer great service quality at an affordable price. If high quality service is important to you then Richmond Hill Locksmith is your right choice.
Our 18 years experience speaks volumes for our reliability and abilities.

About Weiser and Quickset End User Rekeyable Smart Locks
Weiser & Kwikset Smart Key Locks are end-user rekeyable locks. You need the tool that came with the lockset. You must follow manufacturer instructions explicitly to rekey this type of lock. You also need a new key. If you have neither the tool or a new and different key then Richmond Hill Locksmith can help.

"Smart Key", a smart idea we're sure but this design is not without it's faults. The ability to rekey your own locks, without the services of a professional sounds appealing, and it would be if the lockset were more reliable.

If you are considering installing a "Smart Key" lock on your door you should reconsider. In the past month we have responded to no less than 6 calls in Richmond Hill where the homeowner has been locked out by a Kwikset or Weiser "Smart Key" deadbolt. We have found recently, that in every instance, the lock has somehow mysteriously rekeyed itself leaving the home owner locked out of their own premises and requiring a locksmith to open their door. Since "Smart Key" locks cannot be picked, the only option is to destroy the lock by drilling it off the door to gain entry.

A great cost effective idea for the Landlord had it worked as advertised but this product should have had more Research & Development before being brought to market.

How can I tell if the Weiser or Kwikset lock I have uses a "Smart Key"?
The outer face of the lock should have the name Weiser or Kwikset imprinted on it and to the left of the keyhole there should be a small rectangular slot which accepts the rekeying tool that came with the lock. If this rectangular slot exists then it is a "Smart Key" type lock. If you are unsure then our locksmith can help you in Richmond Hill.

What Issues Should I Be Aware Of With Weiser Or Kwikset Smartkey Type Locks?
Smartkey type locks use conventional type lock pins in conjunction with standard lock wafers. This allows the consumer to change the key that operates the lock without the need for a Locksmith. There are some problems associted with this design that you should be aware of. Conventional type lock cylinders are constructed with solid brass. Smartkey type lock cylinders are constructed of cast metal. Cast metal is a much softer and very brittle metal which is more prone to breakage. There are some very narrow pieces of cast metal in the design of these locks. In many instances we have seen where one of these narrow pieces of cast metal has broken off, fallen into the lock and stopped the lock from being operated with the correct key. This causes the home owner to be locked out. A conventional pin tumbler type lock is much more durable and reliable. If you are interested in replacing your Smartkey locks for standard pin tumbler type locks then Richmond Hill Locksmith can help.

Can your Locksmith repair my weiser or Kwikset Smart Key lock?
Yes Richmond Hill Locksmith can. Do you have a Weiser or Kwikset Smart Key lock that has malfunctioned? Does the key that came with the lock no longer operate the lock? We can reset your lock to the original factory setup and then rekey it. Locksmith service call and rekey charges do apply.

About Richmond Hill Emergency Locksmith Service
Yes we do provide speedy emergency locksmith service to Richmond Hill. If you are locked out of your Richmond Hill home, business or auto, our mobile locksmith can quickly get to you and open your door.

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